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Best Cleveland Contractors of 2011
Date Published: Dec 20 2011

Joe's Lock & Key | Cleveland

Laura S of Cleveland Heights says she doesn't like being on a first-name basis with contractors because that means they're returning to fix problems. But she makes an exception for seven-time Super Service Award winner Joe Fradette.

"He never has to come back, because what he does, he does right," says Laura, who's hired the locksmith for several jobs.

Fradette, owner of Joe's Lock & Key, returns as a Northeast Ohio Best Contractor for the third straight year. He says he got his start as a stock boy for another lock company in 1989, teaching himself the basics by examining lock parts.

"My motto is: Do what I say and say what I do," he says. "I don't try to sell people things they don't need. Things are hard right now, and people don't want to throw money out when it's not necessary."

Johnnie R of Cleveland says he called Fradette to replace deadbolts, but Fradette told him he simply needed the deadbolts rekeyed. "That told me Joe was an honest businessman," Johnnie says.

Fradette, whose work doesn't require a license in Ohio, keeps old parts for reuse and recycles everything. Members say he's friendly with children and pets.

Joes Lock And Key Lock Rekeys And Changes

Super Service Awards History

Year      Category          Status
2014      Locksmiths      Accepted
2014      Locksmiths      Accepted
2013      Locksmiths      Accepted
2012      Locksmiths      Accepted
2011      Locksmiths      Accepted
2010      Locksmiths      Accepted
2009      Locksmiths      Accepted
2008      Locksmiths      Accepted
2007      Locksmiths      Accepted
2006      Locksmiths      Accepted
2005      Locksmiths      Accepted
2001      Locksmiths      Accepted